Streets of Rage 4 MOD APK 1.1 (Menu/Unlocked DLC)

Streets of Rage 4 is a nostalgic game with unique features. This game is for players who want to enjoy simple, but addictive gameplay with tons of features. This game allows players to take part in various battle challenges with the goal of reaching the ultimate noble goal.

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Streets of Rage MOD APK

Sega created the Streets of Rage series of side-scrolling beat video games for their consoles back in the 90s. The three first games were available to most 1990s gamers. The fourth game will be released in 2020.

Streets of Rage 4 is a more challenging, beat-boxing game than the three previous games. It has stunning graphics that can be toggled between pixel-based and hand-drawn graphics and an amazing soundtrack. This is an incredible reimagining of an old game for the modern age. It was released recently on Android. The optional Mr. Nightmare’s Nightmare DLC is also available.

Let’s take a look at how this version stacks up in light of the fact it is available for mobile devices. It could be one of the most downloaded Android games.


Every game is built to give its players the best possible gaming experience. To create the arcade-style gameplay, game creators tried many different design options. This allows players to focus on the main tasks and try to complete them as quickly as possible.

It will provide entertainment and gameplay that is both captivating and entertaining. The game’s various modes and challenges will also be a great support system. This game is designed to make it difficult for players to defeat the most dangerous criminal groups in order that they can win. Streets of Rage 4 allows you to participate in your battles in a variety of ways, including stories and training videos.


You won’t be able to overlook the most important aspect of this game. It is the graphics. Streets of Rage 4’s creator has created a retro style of graphics that will be easy to identify. The game’s artistic direction, which is influenced by hand-drawn comics, will leave you amazed and content.

This game has a unique game character system which is why it gained more strength. Players can unlock up to five iconic characters through the 12 levels they complete during the game. You can also find 13 other retro characters with secret levels that allow you to dig deep.


  • The arcade-style design of the game allows players to play quickly and easily.
  • The game’s main objective is to let players fight and defeat criminal gangs.
  • Players will have the opportunity to enjoy many different types of challenges as well as special game modes.
  • This unique system allows players to choose from a variety of characters to help them manage the game.
  • Amazing visuals created entirely by hand and animated by the Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap team.
  • You can clean up Wood Oak City trash by yourself, or you could join forces with someone on the internet.
  • To retake this city, you will need to team up with three other offline people.
  • Gaming is a classic that has seen new updates.
  • A talented cast of musicians from around the world created the soundtrack.
  • You can see chicken raising everywhere.
  • Twelve characters from earlier Streets of Rage versions may be removed and re-enacted in their original, pixel-perfect form.
  • Use the music from earlier Streets of Rage.


    1. Mr. X’s Nightmare DLC Unlocked
    2. Mode
    3. Unlimitable stars

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Streets of Rage MOD APK 1.1 (Menu/Unlocked)

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