Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD APK 1.598 Unlimited Gems

Galaxy attack is a space-based shooter that includes many alien terrorist attacks. You can be a skilled captain, and lead your army against their evil foes. To protect your team, you must be able to devise a new battle strategy.

Mod Apk Space Shooter

The best way to expand and build new spaces in the universe is by building a battleship with many stars. A large, sturdy ship with a lot of mass is required. Your team is a positive influence. They are your best friends and will support you during battle. In all circumstances, you must be a competent and skilled commander.

There are 200 levels available

This game offers more than 200 levels. Each group will offer you engaging, rich, and interesting details about the war. The alien invaders are a formidable enemy. They will find a way to destroy your ship and defeat you. You should always be aware of any possible scenarios. It is important to quickly assess the situation. You can also attack or bombard them if they aren’t paying attention.

Space shooter is the right choice

If you are a skilled photographer, a space shooter is the right choice for you. You’ll be able to experience shooting battles across the galaxy. This is a great game that allows you to have fun and relax. To defeat your enemies, you can team up with friends or family. With years of experience in attacking and shooting them, you can easily defeat your enemies.

The alien world is full of mystery

Space shooter allows players to explore an alien planet full of life, mystery, and vitality. Players will be amazed by the stunning, flawless designs. The game’s light screen is beautiful and delicate. It also features many new effects. The background music adds excitement and enjoyment.

Use coins and gems

Every day you will be given a mission by a Space shooter. This is a fun and interesting way to use a gun. It is important that you complete all tasks in a given time. You can also use the wheel to earn rewards and get free gems every day. It is important to know how to refresh and update your ship with gems and coins. To increase your leveling quickly, you should also be able to use valuable items.

Game Features

  1. Perfect Shoot ’em up: Pick your fighter craft, spaceship, and other components to create your space squad. Survival is key!
  2. It is difficult to complete a campaign with almost 200 levels of alien invaders! You should prioritize infinity shooting missions
  3. This is your chance to impress epic leaders and bosses. Enjoy the arcade space-shooter galaxy combat game.
  4. PVP is an online multiplayer shooting game. You can play with a friend to co-op, or form a team and climb up the leaderboard.
  5. You can see amazing designs, incredible lighting, and stunning effects all around.
  6. Daily mission, a lucky spin, and free gems await you

MOD APK version Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

MOD features

  • Unlimited Gems

This mod allows you unlimited money

Unlocked gameplay is also available to get rid of annoying ads or locked content. These unwelcome features will not bother you in a Space shooter. Download the Space shooter Mod APK on our website. These instructions will help you have fun playing the game.


Slide to control your spaceship, and dodge the bullets of enemies.

You can use coins and gems for spaceship upgrades and development to defeat alien invaders or other large enemies. You should choose the appropriate spaceships and techniques for your boss and degree.

To make degree up more simple, remember to use booster and power-up objects. You now have control over your destiny in the Galaxy. This arcade galaxy shooter recreation will equip you with the necessary tools to launch an area attack.

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