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Adobe Scan is free to download and can transform your smartphone into a high-quality scanner that can recognize text automatically (OCR) and lets you make, save, and manage your paper documents as digital files.

Scanner App to PDF

Take anything you want to scan such as receipts notes, ID cards, notes photographs, recipes whiteboards, and business cards -and convert them to PDF or JPEG documents that you can use using your tablet, smartphone, or laptop.


  • Scan any type of document, and transform it into a photo or PDF.
  •  Make sure you save and organize your important documents so that they are easily accessible.


Scan everything with accuracy by using this portable PDF scanner.
Advanced image technology finds borders and sharpens the scanned content and can recognize the text (OCR).


If it’s a PDF or a photo scan, you can view the image, reorder it, crop it and rotate it, as well as resize, rotate and alter the color.
Edit and remove imperfections, erase stains wrinkles, marks, and even handwriting.


Record receipts, form notes, ID cards, receipts health records, forms, and business cards, and arrange them into folders that are custom-designed so that they are easily accessible and easy to locate.
Contact details will be extracted automatically so that you can easily add contacts to your phone contacts there is no typing required. You can even mark taxes on receipts for tax purposes without difficulty.


This scanner application will automatically search for receipts and documents within your photos and transforms these into PDF images which means you don’t need to.

Make sure you touch up scans or photos you have taken from the camera roll.


Convert your image into an extremely high-quality Adobe PDF that unlocks text to be reused using automatic text recognition (OCR). Automated OCR converts text into content that you can edit, modify and reuse in other documents.


*The Adobe Scan scanner app even allows you to scan multiple pages of documents and save them with just a single click.
Even long legal documents are manageable and scannable by using an application called Adobe Scan scanner app, which allows you to search, select and even copy text.


* You can also open a PDF file using Acrobat Reader, which allows you to draw out important sections, add notes as well as fill and sign the documents.
* Free optical character recognition built-in (OCR) allows you to reuse content and text scanned to use within Adobe Acrobat Reader.


You can subscribe to get even more scanning power. Subscriptions work with Scan as well as Reader Mobile applications as well as Acrobat online.
Combine the scans into one document which allows you to take multiple scans and combine them in one single document.
* Export PDFs into Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file formats for reuse or restructuring of your documents.
* The increase in OCR capability from 25 pages to 100, so that you can read the text across multiple scans.

Download the mobile scanner for free to convert important images as well as documents to PDF as well as JPEG documents to aid in keeping your files organized. Adobe Scan is a PDF conversion tool trusted by millions of people around the world.

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