Obey Me! Anime Otome Sim Game MOD APK

The Obey Me MOD APK is released! How do you handle all the people similar to you? You can develop a relationship on your own or depend on others to handle the job. There are a variety of alternatives to playing this incredible dating game.

Introduce Obey Me

Obey me MOD APK is an original Otome dating simulation game. It lets you create chibi characters as an integral part of your life. You’ll feel the excitement of being surrounded by people who follow them for the very first time throughout your existence. You can chat with, date, or give gifts to everyone you want. Additionally, you can engage in other game modes. You can lead the life you want to live by preference.

A player with the right skills

This game is open to everyone, but not suitable for all players. We are sure it will give you excellent experiences if you are interested in one of the following interests.

  • If you are a huge fan of online dating sims?
  • Do you wish to be a part of a truly different relationship?
  • Loves reading Otome books and is fascinated by the otaku world.
  • The popular manga novels are loved by faithful readers
  • Moreover…


You were selected for an opportunity to study as an exchange at RAD. The institution is specifically for demons and is separated from the outside globe. In a mountain of challenges, the Seven brothers of the Ikemen will test your resolve. What is your reason for being determined to make it through? You’ll discover that there are numerous individuals just like you at school, and they communicate with each other daily messages. The one rule that can keep you alive will be “One master rules all”. Explore the tales of love on RAD.

Chat every day

You’ll receive numerous messages, texts, and phone calls every day from beautiful, attractive characters. The 7 brothers and the demon brothers are the most popular. Although they are demon blooded, their behavior and emotions are very human-like. They are in need of to be loved and are able to show love to the ones they cherish. They are the subject of their interest. All people will have a connection when they begin discussions. All that matters is your emotions.

The degree of intimacy is a way to measure how close you are. The game’s system displays an intimacy score. The stat will be affected by how you interact with the characters. If you’ve got an interest in someone, you can boost your intimacy quotient. You may begin to date your partner when certain requirements are fulfilled.

Battle of the Cards

The story of your love will revolve around seven Ikemen, the demon brothers. It is possible to be plagued by evil demons even if you quit. They are after your soul gets energy. They can be defeated with the help of seven Ikeme brothers by playing battles with cards. Choose your team and watch adorable animated characters pop up onto your display. There is also a variety of music on each stage. You can earn cards, advance in level, and even beat the enemy.

The specifications of the device

Your phone needs to comply with these standards to assure smooth operation.

  • Android 4.4+
  • High-speed internet with a reliable (2Mbps)
  • Minimum RAM 2G

These requirements are easily met with the latest mobile phones. We believe that you can play the game in the most enjoyable way you can.

Amazing graphics

Obey me! Gorgeous 3D graphics and stunning graphics. Beautiful characters, distinct styles, and different styles. You’ll recognize the familiar characters if you’re someone who enjoys anime novels. The game can be seen as a book, but you also have the option of interacting with the characters to create new stories. Characters can also be voiced and included with stunning background music.

MOD APK version Obey Me

MOD features

  • Menu (reboot after the initial start to enable the menu button).
  • No specialization is required to defeat the adversaries
  • High DMG for skill

Download Obey me! MOD APK for Android

We enjoyed the game. Obey Me MOD APK, is a fun game that is well worthwhile. The plot, characters, and events as well as other elements are all extremely attractive and attractive. It’s not a boring experience since the game mixes combat with its main plot. There’s a wealth of romantic stories as well as the backstories of every incident. It’s a dating simulation. Do not be afraid to download the game now and make a memorable end!

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