Legend of Treasure MOD APK v1.0.28 (Unlimited Money)

 App Name Legend of Treasure
 Genre Action
 Size 450M
 Latest Version 1.0.28
 MOD Info Unlimited Money, Mega Menu

Introduction Legend of Treasure

It’s your turn. As a hero, you are responsible for putting together both your different sets of skills and traveling to the western lands where you’ll need to defeat all the monsters, including their boss. According to legend, an enchanted forest in this part of the world is magically protected from trespassers but as it turns out that protection no longer exists so if you can restore harmony to that enchanted forest then it won’t be long until everyone has forgiven you. It’s time for you to get those weapons together and prove yourself a force to be reckoned with!

To Share Thoughts

Now that you’ve given it a go, it’s time to share your thoughts. After all, as a player you have access to weapons and skills! Your honor of completing the epic battle is in your hands – are you going to succeed? According to legend, an enchanting forest protected by monsters is waiting for its hero. You must search for the forest’s boss, defeat him and restore harmony to the forest or else… This is your role as a game creator & developer – but what are you waiting for? It’s time to find out if you can take on those monsters!

The Vein Of Rogue

In the vein of Rogue, Legend of Treasure is a fast-paced action game. Moving and correctly controlling your character can help you dodge attacks. As soon as the character stands stationary in its place, adversaries will begin to target him, so keeping your character safe from harm necessitates proper positioning. However, in the meantime, you can lose yourself in a fantasy world and marvel at its stunning visuals!

A Virtual Reality Browser Game

You’re going to have so much fun playing this game because you feel like in a mouse trap or something. It’s a virtual reality browser game so it always has that feeling of it could always catch you off guard at any time. There is just something about the overall design of it that keeps your adrenaline going making you very alert at all times. You are able to build your own unique fighting base but it’s not as easy as that sounds. Your power level will depend on how many items and heroes you collect from daily rewards and from winning battles.


This game borrows the elements of a classic genre that has now become known as rogue-like. It brings players to an entirely different world where each stage contains different wonders to be discovered. The game offers hundreds of unique talents and gears so you can create your own battle build with them. Players can face bosses and win large sums of money. No two quests are ever the same, making the game more exciting. Rogue Heroes offers you many distinct talent choices that will help you in the battlefield.

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