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Kingdom Maker is your home! You will have hours of fun as you create your story, fight, explore, and build your kingdom.

There’s so much to know in this vast world. A wise monarch will be able to give advice when necessary. We have compiled some useful guides to help you navigate your way as you begin to lead your realm.


The first steps into Kingdom Maker’s universe are filled with valuable information. You acquire a slightly orc-infested castle as your own. You are able to hire some loyal soldiers or servants. It’s a great time but it goes so quickly!

Maybe you missed a step or forgot a key detail. Maybe you’re not familiar with it yet. We can help you in any way that you want.

A New You

You must make a choice about the appearance of your Lord or Lady shortly after you move into your new royal residence. You can make your nobles reflect your class and taste. Take your time. To adjust the skin, hair, and eyes of your noble, you can use a slider within certain menu options. Your nobles’ children will inherit their look because details maketh the monarch.

Your name is just as important as your appearance. This is your name, your legacy, and the name that everyone in your future Alliance will remember you by. This is the name your enemies will use to call you in their anguished defeat. Make sure you choose something dignified.

Kill Some Orcs

It’s difficult to kill Orcs alone. For this type of thing, you will need an army. To do that, you will need a Barracks. This is where your future foot soldiers will be trained, and it’s the best time to start training Militia swordsmen. Gold can be used to accelerate the building of your city or train troops if you are in a hurry.

Once your troops are ready to go, it’s time for you to put them together into an army. Tap the Armies button at bottom of the screen to select the noble leader for your troops. Tap each army slot to add new troops. However, each army spot can only accept certain types of troops. You’ll be able to add different units to your army as your nobles increase in rank, acquire new skills, and train in new Roles.

Your county will likely be full of targets, such as any enemy camp with a red-colored name. Tap on a target camp to make sure it isn’t too strong, then tap the Attack button. This will send your troops into battle. You can either let the attack take place or tap the cross swords to see the action live.

Crashing Castles

The tutorial will show you how to place your castle. But perhaps the most important lesson is how you can build your keep.

You can find the structures that you can build in your City by tapping the blue Builder button at the bottom right.

There are three types of structures: Production, Civic, and Defense

* Civic buildings can do many things and help improve the quality of your city’s life. There will be your Barracks, as well as more housing for your citizens and the academy.

Production buildings are also vital. These buildings can help you get all the resources you need. You should build them early, keep them updated, and harvest them when you can.

* Platforms and towers are for defense. Both are essential to defend your city. Towers are the way you build your city walls.

Each of these buildings is important so make sure you add them all in your City.

Kingdom Maker doesn’t allow you to build walls. To decide where your walls should go, you will use towers. As you build a tower lines will radiate from it as you place them. The key is to align the towers with existing ones so that walls can be built between them.

You need to change your mind about where your buildings are located or the walls in your keep. It’s easy. Simply tap on the structure you wish to choose, then hold it and drag it wherever you desire. The grid will show you whether the spot you have selected is valid. To save, tap the checkmark. Just tap and make the desired selection to add or remove gates from any wall.

It is vital to garrison troops. A garrison is essential. Without it, your city will be vulnerable to marauders. Remember those Barracks that we mentioned a few paragraphs back? You can train troops or make use of the Militia Archers that are free to garrison your towers. Tap on the Garrison button to send troops to your city’s defenses. You can also build a Range or train more archers later.

Okay, Baby Boomer

While we don’t wish to preach on the realities of life, we can help you if your nobles have fallen out with their partners. Your success is dependent on a strong noble family. Make sure you have plenty of heirs. It’s always a good idea if you have the space in your family to add another baby to the mix. They can help with chores!

It’s surprisingly simple to make more nobles for your family line. Go to your Keep. Tap on the noble head of your household, then Greet and tap their spouse. The nobles will go to bed and actively find the next member of their noble family. It’s not an easy process, but it would be so much easier if every relationship was as smooth.

As your family grows out of infancy you will have the opportunity to pick their initial role and traits. You can initially only train your children as Merchants, Captains, and Explorers (each with its own bonuses and special Army layouts). But you will soon be able to research new roles, and train your family members in them.

Take a look at the traits of your noble. These traits can range from grey ‘normal’ traits to purple legendary’ traits. You might even want to eliminate some of these negative traits. Do not waste the opportunity to improve your baby’s life. Two rerolls are included in your first order. You can purchase more with a little bit of gold.

Go Quest, Young Noble

These are the last hints!

It is important to keep the peasants satisfied. Keep an eye on the morale of your citizens by looking at that smiley face at top of your screen. It is located just below all your resources. Is that smiley face really so happy? You can make your peasants feel valued by putting their housing within your city walls. This will protect them from any marauding armies.

Your Daily Goals and Quests can help you determine your next steps.

Quests are tasks you can complete that have rewards. You will be able to complete the top Quest, which will take you on a journey that tells the tale of your family’s rise to power. Every noble should have a daily goal. You’ll also get all kinds of rewards for completing them, which will make your Kingdom stronger. Never forget your goals!

This is all for the feature. We have more guides and an epic Kingdom Maker adventure awaiting you. What will it take to reign?

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