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App Name Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery
Publisher Jam City
Genre Adventure
Size 148M
Latest Version 4.4.1
MOD Info Mega Menu, Unlimited Energy/Gems/Coins
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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is based entirely on the details and events that were featured in the book or television series. Players will be the protagonists of their own stories, exploring their surroundings and casting many spells. To diversify gameplay and player experience, there will be many mini-games and famous events at Hogwarts.


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’s highlight is the freedom it gives players to live student life in many styles. This includes building friendships, building relationships, and being a priority student in one of the four houses located in the school’s residence. Their lives will be full of difficulties and the player may experience fortune or misfortune depending on how they are treated.

Students can pursue their interests while at school, such as crafting or becoming a witch or alchemist. They had to take part in classes or other activities to gain new knowledge before that. Once they have met certain requirements, players are able to enjoy the greatness and potential of the school during their stay.


Hogwarts can be a place with potential and open prospects for students if it can satisfy multiple conditions or have the required knowledge. The uses of each type are varied and rich depending on how the player directs them. This means that there will be many magic schools to suit everyone’s needs. The spells and similar content are what make it interesting, such as casting methods or minimum conditions.

It is forbidden to cast spells with malicious intent. Players must use magic to achieve many good things on their journey. To activate spells, you must be able to recall spell patterns and use your wand effectively. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery currently has many spells that players can enjoy and improve their skills.

Explore the School and Its Mysteries

In novels and TV series, Hogwarts is complex. Many scary things lurk within. Students are allowed to roam the school but have no access to certain areas. This makes it more interesting and allows people to continue discovering or uncovering the secrets of the school.

As players discover more secrets, they will uncover new plot elements that diversify the amazingness and depth of each one. They can also make friends and participate in many activities, as well as build relationships. Once they have established enough relationships, everyone can tour the school together. This makes it easier and more enjoyable to explore with friends.


Everyone will find the most exciting moments in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery to be immersed in its excitement. This includes all the most famous and well-known sports festivals, as well as many other creative rules and variations. Witches will receive more learning materials and rewards based on their performance in each activity.

The witches will not only be involved in friendly activities at the school but they will also need to defend the school against countless enemies and other forces. As the plot develops, new situations or forces will emerge to give life and vibrancy to the world. If everyone does these contents well, then the position as a witch can open many doors for players who want to be famous characters.


Thanks to the high-quality graphics and experience, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will bring the player experience to a new level. This also impacts the character’s appearance, combat effects, and spells. It creates a feeling of role-playing that is accessible to everyone. Hogwarts and the surrounding environment exude beauty and are constantly changing things to enhance the atmosphere.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has much potential and is one of the most popular games in gaming. It is rich, vibrant, deep, has depth, is very fun, and offers a lot of potential. Everyone will have the chance to be the best and most skilled wizards in their community or to perform well in various situations or events.

Get started in freshman life at Hogwarts school of wizards.
Get every word and concept you need to achieve your extraordinary goals and dreams.
Take part in the grand school events from all four houses.
Discover and confront any creepy danger lurking in the myths.
Make new friends, build relationships and learn more about the world of wizards.
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