Dead Trigger APK + MOD v2.0.4 (Unlimited Ammo)

Enjoy an exhilarating gaming experience with the dramatic shooting screen. Players must make sure that survivors are safe.

Dead Trigger APK Detail

Dead Trigger’s graphics are very appealing and high-quality. To defeat zombies you will need to use high-quality weapons such as the Scorpion, Striker, or Enfield.

Upgrade your character

Dead Trigger will present players with challenging tasks.

These zombies can be flown with many weapons in Dead Trigger. There are a lot of ways to get rid of them and bring back the peace and tranquility that they once enjoyed.

Gameplay and Characters

After transforming into your favorite characters, players can take part in exciting adventures. This game is extremely useful in helping you understand your city and help others.

High-quality graphics & Sound

Its interface is eye-catching. It creates an action-packed, vibrant game.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Shop for Free

This game provides new experiences like no other and will provide hours of entertainment for players. The Dead Trigger will let you snipe and reduce stress.


  1. You have a complete arsenal ready to fight those zombie-hunting Zombies
  2. You can use a variety of weapons and techniques to defeat them.
  3. To show off your skills, complete the tasks in the game.
  4. Explore the bizarre side of this game and make new discoveries.
  5. Beautiful graphics that accurately portray characters’ actions and appeal to thousands of gamers.

Commonly Asked Questions About Dead Trigger APK

How do you determine the level of Dead Trigger?

Dead Trigger 2’s plot unfolds through a series of campaigns and tasks.

Why isn’t the MOD Version available on Google Play?

Google Play Store hosts millions of games and apps. Apps must adhere to Google’s guidelines in order to be listed. Dead Trigger MOD APPK is not available on Google Play Store.


The plot of this game is that it takes place in the apocalypse when a deadly pandemic capable of killing human beings spread rapidly. Our avatar is one of the few survivors.

Zombies will attack you, causing you to contract the disease. You can still control your avatar to fight off the zombies and ensure that you survive.

The Dead Trigger’s gameplay has been made easy to understand. Your main objective is to shoot and survive each battle against the most deadly zombies.

This comprehensive article from should have given you a good understanding of Dead Trigger Mod APK.

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